Early Train Operator Selected
for California High Speed Rail

An international consortium that includes ACI has been selected as the Early Train Operator (ETO) for the California High Speed Rail system, which is currently under construction and scheduled to open for service in 2025. DB Engineering & Consulting USA, the lead operator, has engaged ACI as one of its lead subconsultants. The ETO will assist the California High Speed Rail Authority with planning, designing and implementing the nation’s first high speed rail program (up to 220 mph) under a six-year $30 million consulting contract. As that contract winds down, the ETO will negotiate a new contract to operate the train service and to oversee maintenance of the system.

“Bringing on an Early Train Operator during the current design and development phase of the program will allow us to infuse commercial thinking into the design of the system, including station layout, technical specifications and strategies to improve asset performance and control costs,” said Authority Board Chair Dan Richard.

James O’Leary, President of ACI, said “Our company is proud to play an important role in implementing this pioneering project and demonstrating how high speed rail can help regions become more mobile.”

More than 119 miles of the high speed rail route are under active construction. Initial passenger service is planned between Silicon Valley and Central Valley (2025) to be followed by expansion to San Francisco and Los Angeles (2029).

About ACI

ACI is a provider of bus and rail transportation operations and maintenance services to public and private mass transit systems across the United States. Backed by unparalleled industry experience, multi-modal experience, ACI has worked with public and private entities to plan, finance, manage and provide transportation operations and maintenance services. ACI has established a reputation as an industry leader by delivering safe, reliable and timely transportation services combined with unparalleled finance, management, and public/private joint development expertise. ACI holds transportation services management contracts in Arizona, Colorado, Maryland and Puerto Rico. ACI also operates the Paul Revere Transportation Company, the 16th largest bus company in the United States.