Rail Services

ACI is committed to providing safe and efficient multi-modal passenger rail services, including commuter rail, heavy rail, light rail, and streetcar.

We are the most experienced service provider of large-scale P3 and DBOM passenger rail projects in the U.S.  We partner with design, engineering and construction companies throughout all stages of a project’s development, providing early input on design to improve the long-term efficiency and maintainability of the system, as well as support testing, commissioning, and final acceptance of the project.  We have created three brand-new operations and maintenance companies from scratch, with a fourth underway, and have successfully transitioned both large and small passenger rail services from established operators, including the nation’s largest private rail service contracts at the time of its award.  In each case, we went on to manage the mobilization and long-term operation and maintenance of the service.

Early in the mobilization phase, we seek to develop a safety culture, which is fostered throughout revenue service, by creating the complete set of policies, procedures, Rulebooks, and related training programs needed to deliver safe and reliable rail service, by blending industry best practices with tried-and-true methods and customized approaches to reflect the unique characteristics of each system.

We provide a full range of operations services to our clients including planning, staffing, training and certification, dispatch, train crews, transportation supervision, safety, emergency preparedness and response, special events service, performance monitoring and reporting, customer communications, and vehicle, systems, and infrastructure maintenance for both FTA- and FRA-regulated systems.

Our clients include:

  • Puerto Rico Highway Transportation Authority
  • Valley Metro Rail, Inc.
  • Regional Transit District
  • Connecticut Department of Transportation
  • The Maryland Transit Administration


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